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properties for saleI am a buyer's agent exclusively and do not take listings or represent sellers. This site does have access to, and can show you all of the properties on the Beaufort County MLS. You are welcome to search the entire Beaufort MLS from my site by clicking below. I also make it a point to watch for properties that you might not find on the MLS (e.g. for sale by owner), and to make you aware of properties that have made an impression on me that I think might interest you... foreclosures, distress sales, new listings, good deals, and properties that I think are especially nice and/or interesting.

To search the entire Beaufort MLS from my site, click below:

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  • This multiple listing service gives you access to all properties listed for sale with the Beaufort County MLS.

  • Having difficulty navigating the MLS? Contact me and I'll gladly assist you.

  • See something you like? As a Buyer's Agent, I can help you with any properties you find.

Mary Roberts

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