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"I will listen
to what
you're saying...
what you want,
where you
want to be,
how much you
want to spend,
and what your
circumstances are."





"When you are
represented by a
Buyer's Agent
there are no
divided loyalties."


"Just looking, thanks"

I'm like you... when I'm shopping, I sometimes like to just browse awhile on my own ("just looking, thanks"). I understand that, and you'll get no high pressure from me.

At some point, though, I'm usually ready for assistance ("do you have this blue one in a medium?"). When you're ready, I can help.

Why a Buyer's Agent?

This will likely be one of the major financial transactions that you will be involved in during your lifetime. It just makes more sense that you would choose the agent you want to work with than to simply “chance it” that the listing agent on a property you see advertised will be the right person to assist you in such a major undertaking.

Consider this. The listing agent is in a contractual and fiduciary relationship with the seller, and has a legal obligation to promote the best interests of the seller.

The loyalty of the listing agent lies with the seller, not with you.

When you are represented by a Buyer's Agent, there are no divided loyalties.

As your Buyer's Agent, I represent you. I counsel you, negotiate for you, and look out for your best interests.

As your Buyer's Agent I honestly and objectively evaluate properties with you, including disclosure of any negative factors.

As your Buyer's Agent, I can show you every Multiple Listing Service (MLS) property that you see advertised in the homes books and on the internet (no matter who has those properties listed), plus many For Sale By Owner homes, homes under construction, and new "spec" homes.

My goal as your Buyer's Agent is not to steer you toward any particular listing, but rather to find the right property for you out of everything that is available.

What to expect from me

I will listen to what you're saying... what you want, where you want to be, how much you want to spend, and what your circumstances are. And then I'll find it for you... a home that you'll love, that fits your needs, and that works for you financially.

I'll handle the details and see to it that your transaction proceeds smoothly to closing.
After the closing? I'll still be available to answer your questions and help you as you settle in. I welcome your calls – really.

Out of town buyers

No problem. I represent buyers only, and out of town buyers are my specialty. This website will help you as you start your search. When you're ready, contact me. I will be your local connection.

I'll answer your questions, gather information for you, send you photos, email you new listings that meet your criteria the day they come on the market... whatever it takes to make the process as simple as possible.

When you do come to visit and to look, I will make myself available. I'll work around your schedule to arrange property showings and to help you (as much or as little as you like) as you explore the area.

Why me?

For more on how I can help you, see my ABOUT ME page.

Mary Roberts

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